Out Lowville way

Had lunch at Lloyd’s of Lowville yesterday.

It’s a classic. No wonder it made it into TAUNY’s Registry of Very Special Places. Check out the RVSP piece TAUNY and NCPR collaborated on, here.

I was meeting Linda Cohen, of Old Forge. Lowville was a good midway meeting spot. Here’s the authentic old diner interior:

Linda Cohen, my lunch date, inside Lloyd's.

The food is great: straightforward Americana, very very fresh. Our waitress (on left in above picture) was friendly and easy-going. Nothing fancy about the place, just a simple pleasure.

On the way back to St. Lawrence County, drove alongside the Black River, between Dadville and Croghan. Not over its banks, but definitely springtime full and spread out.

Black River in April, Lewis County.

Black River from another angle.

How’s the water look around your town or farm or neighborhood? Send me a picture, ellen@ncpr.org and we’ll keep a “creek is risin'” album going.


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  1. Ellen Rocco says:

    Thanks, Alan, for the great interior shot of Lloyd’s. Love it!

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