Bob’s Bike Trip (3) Made it!

An uneventful ride today, 69 miles from Buzzard’s Bay to Provincetown, in 7 hours (told you I’m slow!) bringing my total to 399 miles by bike and 100 miles in Dave’s car.

Weather all day was foggy and drizzly, with my glasses fogging up every 5 minutes.  Here’s a photo of the Cape Cod Canal as viewed from the Bourne Bridge bike/pedestrian walkway.

Most of the day is was on the somewhat deadly Route 6A.  Another two lane highway without any shoulders.  This road offered the additional issue of sand.  The sand accumulates on the sides of the road, typically spilling off the surrounding ground during rain storms.  An attemped turn by a bicycle on sand usually results in spillage (of the rider)… so you’ve got to be careful.  The good news is that the traffice was much slower than on the really deadly Route 2 of a couple days ago.

In the early afternoon I srode 12 miles on the very pleasant “Cape Cod Rail Trail” which follows the route of the Old Colony Railroad. It was much more relaxed to be dodging in-line skaters instead of trucks!

Arrived in Provincetown at 4pm:

Provincetown (the original spot where the Mayflower landed in 1620) still has a large Portuguese population with roots deep in the fishing business.  So one of the social highlights of the year is the “Portuguese Festival” which is happening this weekend.  Tonight they had the music of “Michelle Romeiro” and her band.  They were great!

listen here for a little Michelle Romeireo with “The Party Train Song”

Tomorrow its the parade, boat judging and more music, then I fly back to Saranac Lake on Sunday.  Life IS great!

3 Comments on “Bob’s Bike Trip (3) Made it!”

  1. Jackie Sauter says:

    Congratulations, Bob. You did it!

  2. Bill D. says:

    Glad you arrived safe….now the trick is being careful at the Festival! Life is good, still, be careful!! What will you do the rest of the summer, just sit around the pool? Boat? Take up golf? See you soon. b

  3. Deborah Woolard says:

    You continue to amaze us with your physical accomplishments – both biking and cross country skiing.

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