Fluttering toward the light

The Moth Roadshow traveled to the Clayton Opera House last week. What an evening! Great stories and a sense from all I spoke with after the show that each of us has the capacity to tell a personal story, a story that connects us and our human experience.

Host and storyteller Ophira Eisenberg in the magical, terrifying and compelling circle of Moth light.

In addition to host/teller Ophira Eisenberg, we heard stories from Rashaunda M. Tyson and Faye Lane, who have appeared on other Moth shows, and from local storytellers Colonel Eric W. Olsen of Saranac lake and Kim Lunman of Brockville. Thank you all.

Special thanks to those who helped underwrite the program, and the biggest hoorah of all to membership director June Peoples who gave us the opportunity to experience a live Moth show.

June Peoples in front of the Clayton Opera House just before the start of the show.

For those who weren’t able to attend the show…fear not. We are already working on bringing The Moth back to the north country. And, stay tuned as we work to organize a few “pilot” storytelling locations around the region. We’re hoping to have some guidance on this from the wonderful people at The Moth. If you have a suggestion for an intimate venue in your community (small coffee house or large room in a private home, for example), email me. Ditto if you think you’d like to help organize a group in your town: ellen@ncpr.org. And, of course, stay tuned for more Moth programs and visit www.themoth.org to find podcasts and listen to stories.


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