Channeling Dr. Suess: the medical arms race

Our friend and former colleague Gregory Warner popped into my e-mailbox today.

Since leaving his job hosting All Before 5, he’s been all around: Afghanistan, Africa, New York City, back in Canton, Philadelphia, the West Coast, plying his reporting skills and playing music.

He’s now working for the public radio business show Marketplace, which we don’t air. A story he’s reporting out of Detroit airs tonight…it’s about the “medical arms race” sector of economic development trendiness. But you could plug the arms race metaphor in lots of places.

Gregory’s put it to the meter of Dr. Suess, who’s favorite bedtime reading for his seven month-old son. Find “Oh The Jobs You’ll Create!”, and lots more from marketplace, here.

Very fun.

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  1. tootightmike says:

    Gregory’s a hoot! I miss that guy and his accordion.

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