A Wonderful Adventure in the 1000 Islands!

I spent a great multi-media day in the 1000 Islands on Tuesday, and I’ve got to say it really is a spectacular area of the world!

Here’s my story:  I purchased a new (1982 anyway) Chris Craft 25′ cabin cruiser (named “Little Queenie”) which was located at a marina in Fisher’s Landing.

In order to deliver the new boat to my “home port ” of Morristown, I completed the following simple procedure:  tossed my bicycle in the back of my car, drove the 30 miles  to “Mo-town”, left the bike there, then drove the car 30 miles to Fisher’s Landing, then piloted the boat 30 miles from Fisher’s Landing to Morristown, hopped on my bike and rode the 30 miles back to Fisher’s Landing, put the bike back in the car and drove the 30 miles to Morristown, then back home to Canton.

Little Queenie

L.Q. has had some engine problems and could only cruise at about 8 mph… so it was a sloooow trip down the river.  This, however, gave me ample opportunity to take a 3-1/2 hour look at the fabulous St. Lawrence River.  Here’s a brief tour:

The famous Boldt Castle

The famous "Singer Castle" on Dark Island

The not-so-famous Captain Radio Bob

Nice wake!

cute romantic island

Then the bike trip back at 14 mph (almost twice as fast as the boat!):

Do they mean me?

Which was interrupted by a  thunderstorm in Chippewa Bay:

Chippewa Bay

… and subsequent fabulous rainbow!

Finally back on the road in my car, I was able to actually go 55 mph!  Honestly, it was exciting!

Double Nickles

Now I’m set for winter hibernation.

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