Who pays the most?

Michael Sauter, younger son of our Program Director Jackie Sauter and Chief Engineer Bob Sauter, is now living in NYC and writing for the online business/economics journal 24/7 Wall St. Of course, I follow Michael’s work.

Today’s offering may be of interest to many of you: Michael takes a look at the states that pay the highest minimum wage and correlates it to, among other things, cost of living in each state. Check it out here.

(By the way, NYS is not on the list; Vermont is.)

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2 Comments on “Who pays the most?”

  1. Pete Klein says:

    NYS is $7.25. That’s because NYS is a very inexpensive place to live.

  2. John Warren says:

    Why does it not surprise me that one of the top stories for today’s 24/7 Wall St. is entitled “How to Make a Profit on Global Warming.”

    One has to wonder if Wall Street is not filled with soul-less leeches.

    Here is the lede from another story today in the publication you are suggesting we read: “Are the Wall Street bankers, traders, and brokers really starting to do the right thing when it comes to controlled greed and compensation?”

    Answer – YES!

    Don’t we get enough propagandizing on behalf of Wall Street in the Mainstream Media? Last night the NYPD attacked peaceful protesters, clubbing and macing them, including journalists from Fox, as they attempted to simply peacefully demonstrate on Wall Street itself – so far, almost completely unreported by the press.

    We’ve heard enough from Wall Street – it’s time to take back Wall Street.

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