On the road: North Creek alpacas

Proprietor Barry Finer introduces NCPR's Sarah Harris to two of the ladies.

Earlier this fall, Sarah Harris and I stopped by Gore Mountain Farm outside North Creek. I’d been meaning to visit Barry Finer and Virginia French’s operation for years. Now I understand why I held back–alpacas are wonderful creatures. I fell in love. Now, how am I going to add alpacas to the sheep and turkey and laying hens already roaming our little farm?

Interested in visiting Gore Mountain Farm–to see the wonderful animals up close or see/buy some of the beautiful products made from alpaca fleece (which is warm like wool but non-irritating to the skin like cotton)–here’s how to get in touch:

Gore Mountain Farm, 2642 State Route 28, North Creek, NY 12852

518-251-3040 or [email protected]

Here’s a link to the wiki entry on alpacas (in case you’re trying to figure out where they fit into the family tree that includes llamas and camels).

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