Remembering APHC sound effects legend Tom Keith

Tom Keith at work

Tom Keith was the leading practitioner of an art form that dates back to the beginning of broadcast radio–sound effects. Need a helicopter, a moose, a chain saw and a crying baby in the next five seconds? Tom was your guy. In addition to his long-time role on A Prairie Home Companion, Keith was a veteran regular on Minnesota Public Radio’s Morning Show. Here’s a video of Tom and his helpers supporting an unlikely yarn by Garrison Keillor:

2 Comments on “Remembering APHC sound effects legend Tom Keith”

  1. Todd Moe says:

    I was the newscaster for “The Morning Show” on MPR with Tom Keith, aka “Jim Ed Poole”, in the mid-90’s. He cast me in some of his radio skits and was one of the nicest people I’ve worked with in radio. A very talented broadcaster, but more importantly, a great guy.

  2. Virginia Westbrook says:

    Ohhh, Tom Keith. He’s risen to fame these last years, but I remember lying in my bed in St. Paul, listening to the Morning Show for a dozen years, as he and Garrison carried on. As early morning engineer, he was the only other guy at the station at that hour, so they got up a banter. One was about “two below,” since that was the temp for so many weeks at a time. “Jim Ed” was into bag pipes, and so were we, so no apologies were necessary even at 6:30 in the morning. I always thought that his moniker was “Jim-Ed POULE” because his chicken imitations were so great. We will sorely miss him.

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