Town criers

Photo: Mark Kurtz

What makes a good town crier? How do we make the news and information you need and want available to you?

For the past two days, this has been the conversation at the station, led by Lisa Williams, who is our “circuit rider”–resource person–provided through the Knight Foundation grant awarded earlier this year to the Adirondack Community Trust for a collaboration with North Country Public Radio.

This morning, we invited colleagues from across the region to join us to talk with Lisa about how we can do a better job for you–particularly in the world of digital and social media.

Pictured above are representatives from the station, from Adirondack Life magazine, the Adirondack Explorer, the Adirondack Express, the Adirondack Almanac and from Ad Workshop. (Lisa is third from the right in the back row–she’s founder and CEO of, a site to research blogs around the world.)

The big takeaway for me: I want to do this again. I found it so encouraging to talk to colleagues who care about so many of the things we care about at NCPR–the big one being doing the best possible job to keep you informed and to make it possible for you to join the conversation and the storytelling.

Thanks to all who made the drive to Canton, thanks to Cali Brooks at the Adirondack Community Trust, and thanks to Lisa Williams and the folks at the Knight Foundation–who support town criers on air, in print, online and out in your communities.


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