North Country Native Wins Survivor

I was a little surprised when I learned that two of classmates from college were going to appear on reality TV shows this fall. But I wasn’t surprised that Sophie Clarke (Willsboro native, medical student, and my classmate and friend) went on to win CBS’s “Survivor.” The Huffington Post basically says it all:

LOS ANGELES — Sophie Clarke slayed the competition on “Survivor: South Pacific.”

The brainy 22-year-old medical student from Willsboro, N.Y., overcame 39-year-old “Survivor” veteran Benjamin “Coach” Wade of Susanville, Calif., and 26-year-old high school baseball coach Albert Destrade of Plantation, Fla., to win the CBS reality competition’s $1 million grand prize Sunday.

Clarke secured her place among the final three contestants on the 23rd edition of “Survivor” by forging a strong alliance from the outset and winning three immunity challenges, including the final physical competition, which ousted 30-year-old “Survivor” veteran Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth of Venice, Calif., from the 39-day survival contest.

Congratulations Sophie! The North Country was well represented.

3 Comments on “North Country Native Wins Survivor”

  1. Pete Klein says:

    Congratulations but I must say I never watch any of the so called reality programs including the so called talent programs.

  2. Jon says:

    Yep. Congrats to Sophie. Unlike Pete I do watch one reality show. Got interested in Survivor a few seasons back. I watch it online. The network streams it the day after it broadcasts on TV. So the headline on this post was a spoiler for me when I read it yesterday. Maybe everyone could be sensitive to this kind of thing when blogging.

    Anyways–it was still worth watching to see it all unfold. Sophie squared up against some hardcore competitors and pulled it off. Yeehaw. As a med student she probably has a great use for the million dollar prize–she can start the career part of life educated and debt free.

  3. Ellen Rocco says:

    Like Pete, I don’t watch these programs. So, whatever it meant for her to win, congratulations! If she’s a friend of Sarah’s, I have no doubt she’s one sharp cookie. Plus, she was born in the Adirondack North Country, where all the guys are pretty good looking and all the gals are kinda smart.

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