New Year’s Eve @ NCPR

Ahead, just some shameless promotion for a show Guy Berard (host of Jazz at the Ten Spot) and I (Radio Bob host of ?) will be doing this Saturday Night from 9-1.

The whole idea is that we’ll be playing music for people who want to have a New Year’s Eve party at home, or are driving to or returning from somebody else’s New Year’s Eve Party …. or people don’t want to be involved in any way with New Year’s Eve, but their TV set is busted, etc.

Guy Berard

"Radio" Bob Sauter

We’ll be playing Jazz, R & B, and anything else we can think of…. which isn’t very much these days…

So, we’re asking for your help… got any great songs you’d like to hear Saturday night? We’ll try to dig them up.  You can call/email/Facebook/Skype us Saturday night, but if you let us know now, there might be a slightly improved chance that we could actually find your request!

Post a music request below in a comment below, or email me at “[email protected]

Whatever you decide to do:  Happy New York!

3 Comments on “New Year’s Eve @ NCPR”

  1. If Clapton is God, Warren Haynes is Jesus says:

    “Midnight Up in Harlem” by the Tedeschi/Trucks band. Off their new album “Revelator.” Thanks in advance…..

  2. Mike Delaney says:

    Hi Bob;
    Remember me? You took me and my partner Carl and two friends out on the Mona for swimming, generic beer and fried chicken a few years ago.
    What a memorable afternoon.
    Please play Etta James as our request and Happy New Year!!
    We love and support NCPR. Thank you and all the gang for all you do.
    Best regards,
    Mike Delaney

  3. Dan Spada says:

    Bob and Guy: It was a great show. Is there a chance that you could publish the playlist? Thanks.

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