Hating is easy…what about love?

We all have companies we hate doing business with–poor service, steep pricing, shoddy products. I came across an article in 24/7wallst.com listing the most hated companies in the U.S.

The article got me to thinking about which companies or stores I like patronizing…specifically, my favorite North Country businesses.

First: every business that supports North Country Public Radio with underwriting!

I’m in Canton every weekday. I patronize shops here in town on a regular basis. I am very fond of Coakley’s Hardware and the people who run that store…always helpful, friendly AND they have a popcorn machine.

I like Ken and Katrina Hebb who are the proprietors of the Blackbird Cafe, and they make wonderful sandwiches and baked goods.

I’ve been a patron of Community Bank for decades. What I like about this bank are the people–they know me and they spend time with me when I need it.

I stop by Nature’s Storehouse from time to time and like chatting with the people who staff the shop. On the other end of the food retail business, is the Price Chopper, which may not be a fancy high-end grocery, but it serves my needs and, again, the staff are great.

We have the fabulous SLU-owned Brewer Bookstore (I don’t know anyone who gets through the holidays without a visit to this much-more-than-books shop); there’s the TAUNY Folk Arts Store (perfect for finding something from the North Country or Adirondacks to give friends who live in other places); and, in the warmer months, Barb Heller’s Hot Dog Stand, featuring locally grown and processed franks.

I realize that I’m fond of all the local businesses in Canton–they may not always have what I need in stock but all are willing to order and, most importantly, all are run by friendly people who share this little patch of geography with me.

Here’s your opportunity to sing the praises of  favorite businesses in your community or anywhere in the region.


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  1. Hank says:

    As an occasional overnight visitor to the north country, I’ll add my two cents worth regarding businesses I enjoy doing business with.

    First is the 1844 House along Route 11 east of Canton. The proprietors, Brian & Jenny Walker, run an excellent restaurant – a restaurant whose food and ambiance, in my opinion, rivals anything here in Ottawa.

    Also, when we stay overnight, my wife and I like to stay at the 24 East Main St B&B in Canton – a former run down student-occupied house now beautifully remodelled and run by Charles & Brooke. They are always a pleasure to spend time with over breakfast.

    And I second your mention, Ellen, of the Brewer Bookstore. No visit to the Canton area is complete without at least a stop at that great bookstore.

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