Texas “Fingers” Jefferson here…your Blue Note host

Create your own blues handle.

My friend Heather passed this along, apparently it’s making the Facebook rounds. Figure out your own “authentic” blues name from your initials.

Radio Bob, for example, whose initials are RGS, is Skinny Killer Davis. Barb Heller Rogers is Buddy Hips Jefferson.

My initials are EJR, which gives me the blues handle Texas Fingers Jefferson.

Frankly, I always wanted to be something like Lola May LaRoue…

Whatever your name, tune in Tuesday afternoons at 3 for the Blue Note, and comment here on which artists you like to hear on the show.


3 Comments on “Texas “Fingers” Jefferson here…your Blue Note host”

  1. Hank says:

    Looks like I’m married to Jailhouse Dog McGee.

  2. BRFVolpe says:

    Boney Lemon and Sticky Badgirl Brown here, have been making some lowdown, baaaaad music together, don’cha know.

  3. Dale says:

    “Old Dog Rivers,” Hmm. I guess that would make my new password 01dd06r1v3r5, but only for those raunchy phone-blues services.

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