Question of the Day: Dickensiana

Dickens scratching, scratching, scratching at the page.

Yesterday was the bicentennial of the birth of Charles Dickens, author of nearly everything that wasn’t written by Shakespeare, or one of the Brontes. Among his dozens of books, one can find hundreds of the most memorable characters in literature–and certainly the most memorable and quirky of character names. Here’s a complete list.

Today’s Question of the Day: Forget your Blues Name, your Pirate Name, or your Superhero Name–what is your Dickens Character Name?

Inquisitvely yours,
Wackford Squeers


2 Comments on “Question of the Day: Dickensiana”

  1. terry de la vega says:

    Dickens is a master psychologist and exquisite story teller. He gets every bit of juice out of his characters and their environments. The most memorable of Dicken’s many memorable characters to me is Miss Haversham from Great Expectations. When I read the book at 15, she totally creeeped me out. Now, a few decades later, I am listening to Martin Jarvis reading Great Expectations on CD and I must say, she still gives me chills.

  2. Bob Falesch says:

    My two cats Jennyanydots and Skimbleshanks and I wish to express our appreciation for this opportunity to finally reveal our true nature. We may operate below stairs, but we retain our pride.

    Your servant,
    – – Jeremiah Flintwinch

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