QOTD: Are you leaping?

St. Oswald (left)

Tomorrow is that quadrennial calendrical oddity, Leap Year Day, February 29. In common years (non-leap years), today is the feast day of St. Oswald of Worcester, the 10th-century Archbishop of York. But in leap years, the feast occurs on February 29. Oswald died on February 29, 992 AD, while washing the feet of the poor.

Today’s question of the Day:

Do you have any special plans for your “extra” day this year?


1 Comment on “QOTD: Are you leaping?”

  1. Pete Klein says:

    I don’t know how Oswald died. But if someone swung a sword at him or shot an arrow, I guess he didn’t leap fast enough.
    Yes. I am going to leap into a chair at the dentist and hope I don’t leap out in pain.

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