NCPR is a person, too

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My friend Cali Brooks, who leads the Adirondack Community Trust, sent me an interesting article from the blog Philanthropy 2173: The Future of Good. In light of the Citizens United court decision– “corporations are people”– writer Lucy Bernholz asks, “are nonprofits people, too?”

Well, are we? Let’s see, what should NCPR wear today–tweed or wool? For breakfast–cereal or eggs? And don’t forget to brush those microphone teeth.

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2 Comments on “NCPR is a person, too”

  1. tootightmike says:

    Of course, if we are a “corporate citizen”, then we’re a damned poor financial backer.

  2. Pete Klein says:

    If it doesn’t breathe, have blood that moves through the system and doesn’t speak a language that can be translated into English, then it isn’t a person.
    If you can’t kill it with a gun, then neither is it an animal or even an insect.

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