And the winner is…

Signs of spring, from my morning walk.

A tie between beer cans and fast food packaging, for the “roadside trash” award.

Out walking with my husband, we each filled the equivalent of a large plastic bag with this kind of debris…over the course of just one mile.

Is it the same on your road–beverage containers and food packaging? Oh, and don’t get me started about cigarette boxes…

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5 Comments on “And the winner is…”

  1. Michael Greer says:

    We live right in the middle of the village of Potsdam, and a few years ago we picked up every bit of trash that was blown into the brush on our block. Back yards in Potsdam are largely allowed to revert back to nature though, in a college town, nature includes…a lot of two legged vermin. We filled our entire driveway with twenty huge bags, and practically had to beg the village to come and take it away. On the whole it was a bit discouraging.
    I’m hoping the drone program can be used to catch litterbugs.

  2. Bill Knoble says:

    I’ve had a similar experience walking with my wife in the mornings… oops, you are my wife, Ellen, no wonder. I think of these walks as roadside yoga, lots of stretches across ditches, bending over, arms loaded, and then playing catch up with Ms. Powerwalker. That said, I can also imagine walking without picking up trash. Sort of.

  3. Pete Klein says:

    Living in Indian Lake, I always find it sadly amusing to see McDonalds refuse alongside the road.
    Not all the pigs have four feet.

  4. Ken Hall says:

    Perhaps these trash flinging folks are simply emulating the conservatives favorite most POTUS, Ronald Reagen. Whilst I was stationed at McClellan AFB, CA, a bit northwest of Sacramento, Reagan was the governor and the local liberal newspaper, The Sacramento Bee, regularly had a camera man following the gov. about town. One morning I picked up the paper and there on the front page was a photo of Reagan throwing something out of the window of his official limousine. To my mind had he simply said “you are right I should not have been throwing trash out of the car onto the road side” and “here is my $50 check to cover the fine” he would have come out looking like a man of principal. Did he? Not on your life. He insisted that he was throwing an apple core out (who knows? the photo was not detailed enough to make such a determination) and that all he was doing was “adding humus to the soil” and had done nothing improper/illegal.

  5. wakeup says:

    Ken your comment serves no purpose other than to divide. You can’t even prove it was or was not an apple core so let it rest. It is this type on dialogue on both sides that serves only to divide people. Mission accomplished pal.

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