Books were the latest thing once, too

A long-time Lake Placid landmark...closed.

Kindle or paperback? Electronic devices selling like crazy; bookstores closing all over the country. What about libraries? Many are adopting electronic book loaning systems.

And then there’s this YouTube piece that’s been making the email rounds lately:

I’m a book person. Electronic readers are fine for travel, but give me a solid object with pages I can feel and turn, dog-ear or leak ketchup on.  Some say independent bookstores may see a resurgence as the chain books stores close. Want to refurbish this one?

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9 Comments on “Books were the latest thing once, too”

  1. Joan Mohrmann says:

    I’ve sent this to all my kids and grandkids. Love it. There is nothing quite like opening a book, propping it on your stomach and squooshing down under the covers to enjoy a good read before falling to sleep.

  2. Pete Klein says:

    Yea, well, that’s all fine and good but I’m now selling more ebooks than print books, so I really can’t complain too much.
    At first, I was skeptical, especially when my hiking guide to trails in Hamilton County was purchased as an ebook. Then I thought about it. Why not if you’re coming up here and want to bring along some books? With an ebook reader you can bring along hundreds of books.
    I thought further when I moved last year and had to move hundreds of books weighing hundreds of pounds.
    Like it or not, they are the future.

  3. Angel says:

    I spied my brother sitting in the sun at the university where we both work. His head was bent over his phone, thumb tapping the screen. “Hey,” I said. “Reading?” “Yeah,” he replied, “trying to, if I could just get this thing to load.” I sat down beside him, pulled out my paperback and turned to the dog eared page where I’d left it. “You should try one of these.” I said.

    e-books may have their place but for now I remain a paper person.

  4. Sarah Harris says:

    Since I was a little kid I’ve fantasized about owning an independent bookstore–perhaps I should reconsider!

  5. BeetRed says:

    I love the feel of real books, magazines and newspapers. Ads sit quietly on the pages. Raised on paperbacks, hardcovers always seem an investment and a treasure purchased with care and not to be disposed of. The Christmas Kindle was returned.

  6. Ellen Rocco says:

    Okay, book lovers, here’s the follow up question: do you keep and collect books or are you more likely to borrow books from the library or friends, or give books away after you read them?

  7. Pete Klein says:

    If I buy a book, I keep the book. Buy your own.
    I do give my books and books I review to local libraries.

  8. BeetRed says:

    I don’t buy enough books and I’ve decided to do more book buying at local bookstores. I’m more likely to buy new books as gifts for others rather than for myself. Often I’ll borrow a book from the library to see if I like it and then purchase it later. This is especially true of cookbooks. I’m building a collection of “comfort books” (similar to the concept of comfort food) that I read and reread and replacing paperback versions with hardcover versions found at secondhand bookstores and library sales. I also purge books that I haven’t read for years and don’t enjoy much, by donating them to library sales. It would be nice to convert a spare room into a library, but we have two tall bookshelves in the living room, a mudroom bookcase, a dining room bookcase, a kitchen bookcase and a coffee table drowning in books, magazines and ADK explorer.

  9. Barb Heller says:

    Sorry, paper lovers. I was in your camp until I met my Kindle. Now I have a new love.

    I appreciate the portability and accessibility that my e-reader offers. I don’t have to drive 10 miles to return books to the library either.
    It has definitely made a positive difference in my reading life! I LOVE the choices that my e-reader offers.
    I don’t miss the feel of the paper pages, the smell of old books, and the space they take up in our small house. Oddly, the things about books that I DO miss are the fancy bookplates and the funky bookmarks.

    I’m not crazy for electronic devices in general. I would rather live in the non-electric world…. but I’ll make an exception for my e-reader!

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