Who’s Your Farmer?

As the weather warms, it’s time for farmers, growers and produce-eaters alike to start thinking about this coming summer’s vegetables. I just signed up for a working CSA share with Blue Heron Farm in the Champlain Islands. After spending last summer helping out at Little Grasse Foodworks in Canton and seeing how it was all done, I wanted to make sure I was eating fresh produce and supporting local farmers. But I’m right now I’m limited for space (I live in an apartment in downtown Burlington) and time (radio, anyone?). The working CSA share is perfect for me — I’ll split it with my two roommates, and we’ll contribute 5 hours of labor a month for a slightly discounted share price.

So, North Country, where will your vegetables come from this summer? Are you starting seeds and turning soil? Are you signing up for shares or waiting for the farmer’s market to begin? Will you head to the supermarket as usual? Are you growing your own?

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4 Comments on “Who’s Your Farmer?”

  1. Annee says:

    Growing our own..a way of life for at least 20 years…eating some while picking is always a treat.

  2. Pete Klein says:

    Charlie Johns’ of Speculator, NY.

  3. Bob Washo says:

    Alright Sarah!
    Eat and be well.

  4. tootightmike says:

    Growing lots here at home, and regularly feeding my neighbors, but the Potsdam farmers market is so nice. I go there every week just to find that thing I don’t have in my own garden. In addition to the produce, there’s beef, pork, chicken, and even occasionally duck!

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