The movers and shakers

If you want to know what makes a community tick, find the women who are active in clubs, village improvement efforts, and cultural activities. That will take you to the heart of the town about as fast as anything.

Ellen standing behind some of the women at the Gouverneur Area Women's Clubs joint luncheon.

I had the privilege of being asked to speak to the joint luncheon for the Gouverneur Garden Club, Shakespeare Club, Arts Club, Le Beaux Arts Club, and Retired Teachers Club. I AM NOT KIDDING. As Marilyn Scozzafava, the President of the Garden Club, told me: if you go to one club, you’ll see members from at least a couple of the other clubs, these women are the doers in town.

Faye Lockwood, Arts Club leader, Ellen Rocco, Marilyn Scozzafava, Garden Club leader.

Okay, confession: I was second choice as speaker. Former Assemblywoman Dede Scozzavava (Marilyn’s daughter) was the first choice, but Dede wasn’t back yet from vacation. Eat your heart out, Dede. I laughed and laughed, met some great gals, and felt more connected to Gouverneur than I have in all the years I’ve lived about 10 miles outside of town.

What are the core groups in your town? Tell me. I’m really interested. And, if we can work it out, I’d love to come meet and talk with your group.

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  1. tootightmike says:

    It has long been my perception, that small towns would simply grind to a halt without these volunteers (mostly women) who sit on committees, make calls, organize clean-ups, and do what isn’t getting done. Our form of government, and it’s bureaucracy leaves too many gaps…to many details un-attended, and these good folks step in to fill the need.

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