Points south

Lake George Arts Project homebase--great location, but just the starting point for a rich range of arts activities. Check out their website for details.

Some people go to Florida at this time of year. For me, “south” is anywhere between Glens Falls and North River, the southern portion of our coverage area. Last weekend, I was fortunate to participate in a writing workshop organized by the Lake George Arts Project and the Adirondack Center for Writing. I am embarrassed to admit that this was my first visit to the LGAP, a beautiful exhibit space in a fabulous location, with offerings across the entire arts spectrum.

Spring 2012 starting point...we'll keep following the community mosaic progress through the summer.

On the way north, I passed through North Creek, where I’ve been tracking a public art project started last summer by artist Kate Hartley. Here’s a link to an update I did in December, through which you can trace back to the bare wall Kate and her community crew faced on Main Street.

The arts path through our region is rich and deep, like a network of capillaries reaching even the most remote hamlets. Share with us cultural events and projects in your neck of the woods. That’s why the digital geeks created a “comments” function for this blog.

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