Full circle

Flip Filippi and Mark Kidwell sealing a canning swap deal last December.

Station friend Bob Washo shared a great ripple effect story. I’m paraphrasing Bob’s note here:

“When NCPR did a story about our ‘preserve swap’ and the story was picked up by NPR’s All Things Considered two years ago, we  received much feedback. Today, as I checked out the online edition of my old hometown paper in Boulder, Colorado, I was delighted to read that some folks in Denver started a swap of their own, after hearing our story on NPR.”

Here’s the link to the Colorado newspaper story. The original story for NCPR was done by reporter David Sommerstein in 2010.

Do you know of other canning swaps around the region? Obviously, the season for swaps is about six months away, but let us know if you’re organizing or hear about a swap and we’ll help get the word out.

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