76 trombones

I think Sandy Demarest said, “Let’s do a parade!” and, June Peoples offered to be in charge of the float decorations.

Sandy, Ellen, June, Radio Bob and Sandy’s husband David get started on the building of a float. (Photo: Joel Hurd)

Radio Bob agreed to put a band together, and I talked to Matt Snell at Snell Equipment on Route 56 just outside of Potsdam. Matt agreed to loan us a tractor and a trailer. Next thing you know, NCPR was in its first ever parade: the Potsdam Summer Festival Parade. These pictures give you a taste of the fun.

Joel Hurd has produced the official documentary production:

Sandy climbs the “radio tower” to position the flag

Ellen and June, so pleased with the high level of cheesiness. (Photo: Sandy Demarest)

Radio Bob begins setting up the sound system on the back of the trailer. Thanks again to Matt Snell at Snell Equipment for the beautiful orange tractor–which matched our theme colors!

Just about this time, a pick up truck drove by with this light airplane. Had to snap a picture of it. We thought it might be in the parade. It wasn’t.

Others begin gathering in the parking lot staging area, including marching bands from several area schools. These majorettes are from Lisbon Central.

Sandy snapped this one as June lays on the glitter…trying to up the glitz factor after we spotted these gals in the parking lot…

The flashiest float in the parade: The Mad Red Hatters of Canton.

Okay, back to business. Todd warms up on the jug. (Photo: Dale Hobson)

JJ and Scotty get ready to leave the staging area–equipped with lots of NCPR goodies to give away along the parade route.

We don’t have trombones, but here’s the full band as the float heads down Elm Street. (Photo: Joel Hurd)

Coming to the end of the parade route. (Photo: Joel Hurd)

We named June “Queen of the Parades and Proms.” (Photo: Radio Bob)

The whole parade crew at the end of the day. (Photo: David Demarest)



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4 Comments on “76 trombones”

  1. Hank says:

    “Let’s do a parade!” That sound like a very “Sandy” thing that she would say. Great photos; it looks like everyone had a great time!

  2. erin morrison says:

    Just wanted to so hello to Ellen Rocco Neigbor for years. How is your husband and son?

  3. Ellen Rocco says:

    HI, Erin! Nice to hear from you. I’ll email you off line. All is well up here. Heck, we were in a parade, what could be bad?

  4. Oh Hank – you’re getting to know me soooo well! :) It was most definitely…..a hoot!!

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