Help plan the next NCPR road trip

The Mexican Red Knee spider, from the American Museum of Natural History exhibit “Spiders Alive!” A bus trip to NYC (for all but the arachnophobes)? Photo credit: American Museum of Natural History.

In recent days, the chatter in the station’s hallways has been about bus trips we organized in the past, like going to see the Indians play Triple A baseball in Watertown or spending a day in Ottawa during Winterlude. What we mostly remembered was how much fun these trips were.

Ottawa’s Rideau Canal during Winterlude.

So, Sandy Demarest has offered to be the lead person on a trip to…well, that’s the question. Where would you like to go for a day trip with other public radio friends? Ottawa to the NAC or an Ottawa Senators game? Montreal to Cirque du Soleil? Albany to the Egg? NYC to a museum or concert?

Make your suggestions below, or email Sandy at



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3 Comments on “Help plan the next NCPR road trip”

  1. Alan says:

    Hi Sandy,

    I am only seeing this now but it would be good to have some sort of cross cultural aspect to this so that listeners from the area being visited explain or even host the other listeners. I would love to attend an event in NNY where the NNY-ee-ness was explained to non-NNYers. Similarly, a tour or Montreal with local knowledge would be interesting, too. Or a Brian Mann led hike of a favorite trail.

  2. Hank says:

    I like the idea of a Brian Mann led hike of a favorite trail. Another option would be a walking tour or bicycling tour of Ottawa (I’d be willing to help out there depending upon when this is; for bicycling there’d probably have to be some way of having participants transport their bikes).

    There’s also the Ottawa river boat tour which starts in downtown Ottawa and takes about 90 minutes and which could be combined with some other activity.

  3. Thanks Alan and Hank!

    I have made note of all your great ideas. I’ve received a large number of email responses — all wonderful ideas. The list continues to grow. I suspect we’ll have more than one trip in the offing.

    Best to you both,


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