So Far So Good!

So far so good!!  That’s what we were all singing and shouting along with The Railroad Boys on Monday night at the Indian Lake Theater.

I hope you were there – either in a seat or by the radio, but just in case you missed it, here’s a short synopsis:

Let’s begin with the fans.  They were numerous and enthusiastic!

Two (of the many) fans from the Jim Gaudet concert Monday night in Indian Lake.

Meet Jim Gaudet, a longtime songwriter and -more recently- bluegrass band leader from Albany:

Jim Gaudet! (pronounced “G’day”, in case you were curious).


The Railroad Boys have been together since 2006, and have released two albums of (mostly) Jim’s originals.

When I’m watching a live performance, personality traits come through that you just can’t see on the cd:  Fiddler Mat never stops moving on stage!  Feet, arms, torso… all in motion; dancing shuffling, wiggling like a limberjack.  Sten (mandolin) is always smiling.  He looks happy to be playing music.  It seems that everyone knows Bobby (bass) – and he’s Jim’s right-hand backup vocalist, so he keeps a close eye on Jim to keep those vocals really tight!

Meet the band!

Jim has a nice singing voice, and his song arrangements are not formulaic or predictable.  That makes the listening even better!  His voice sometimes reminds me of Bob Dylan’s.  His writing offers a refreshing absence of sappy love songs, but he has a talent for presenting  universal subjects  in a new and unusual light.

Concerts like this don’t happen without help from lots of folks.  Big thanks to Danielle and her staff at the Indian Lake Theater!  Here they are behind the old-fashioned theater lobby vending counter:

That’s Danielle on the left!

On the NCPR end, Joel Hurd and Kevin Irwin worked all afternoon, setting up for flawless house sound and radio delivery.  Joel mixed the radio sound, while Kevin mixed the house sound.  Then they had to pack up every cord, plug, microphone, speaker, amp, and musical doo-dad before they could leave for the (late) drive home.

Kevin Irwin, hauling it all away after the show. You can hear Kevin on NCPR most Saturdays and Sundays. Most folks don’t realize he’s also a terrific guitarist, songwriter, singer, and Crane graduate!

This is Joel Hurd, packing up the speakers. When your rock band wants to record a studio demo or album, Joel’s the guy to talk to at NCPR!

There’s nothing like live music!  Until we can share another show like this, I hope to see you on the radio as much as possible!

Time to hit the road for the next gig…


Until next time…. happy trails!

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