Road construction

You may think the presidential election is the main topic of conversation around the north country, but I’m here to tell you that’s not what people are talking about when I run into them in the grocery store or local diner or bookstore or here at the station. No, the hot-under-the-collar chat is about road construction. “I was held up for 20, 30 minutes on my way home.” “Can you believe what they’re doing to the road between (fill in the blank)?” “Why can’t they stop working during ‘rush hour’?”

Theories abound: all of the construction is the result of federal stimulus money; the dry weather makes non-stop construction possible so we notice it more; there’s left over tax money that has to be spent; etc etc.

I tracked my way back from Keene Valley to Canton last week with this series of shots, documenting some of the construction:

Between Keene Valley and Keene.

Still between Keene Valley and Keene.

A warning as I turn onto Old Military Road, the bypass around downtown Lake Placid. After 20 minutes of waiting, I turn around and head directly into Lake Placid.

Traffic on Main Street, Lake Placid…not too bad.

View of Mirror Lake from downtown Lake Placid.

Headed toward Saranac Lake, the other end of Old Military…closed.

Going through Ray Brook, ah yes, one of the construction trucks ahead of me.

No kidding. Getting close to South Colton construction zone.

Another traffic light in the middle of nowhere.

The new South Colton overpass, not quite finished, but when it’s ready it will eliminate the need for the traffic light that’s aggravated everyone for several years.

Uh oh, a new construction zone and bridge detour coming soon to road outside of Canton.

Detour sign on Route 11 just north of Canton.

Downtown Canton, through traffic discouraged.

Hard on drivers, harder on business owners.O

Okay, here’s your chance to gripe–or rejoice–about this summer’s road construction…


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