Put the name to the NPR voice…

Here’s a poster that kicked around the system some years ago and has resurfaced recently. Try to identify each of the NPR personalities pictured. To help you out (some of these pictures were taken a long time ago), I’ve listed the names in alphabetical order. Now, you have to put those names to the right faces. In the next day or so, I’ll provide the answers at the bottom of the comment thread. Have fun!

Noah Adams

Melissa Block

Madeleine Brand

Alex Chadwick

Jean Cochran

Neal Conan

Cory Flintoff

Anne Garrels

Liane Hansen

Steve Inskeep

Cark Kasell

Ray and Tom Magliozzi

Renee Montagne

Michelle Norris

Peter Overby

Sylvia Poggioli

Daniel Schorr

Robert Siegel

Scott Simon

Tavis Smiley

Susan Stamberg

Ann Taylor

Nina Totenberg

Linda Wertheimer

Juan Williams

1 Comment on “Put the name to the NPR voice…”

  1. Hank says:

    Great! I think I’ve got all but one or two.

    Now how about doing this again for the NCPR staff – and, of course, no cheating by going to the Staff page of the NCPR website.

    …or, listing the transmitters and translators by their call signs and asking listeners to match them up with the city/town/village they’re in (that would be for real radio geeks only, of course! – and Radio Bob isn’t allowed to participate!)

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