Eat, drink, read, LISTEN

The parameters of gift giving around my family: no clutter. Something good to eat or drink? Sure. A book to read in print or on a digital platform? Good. And, music: tickets to a concert, a gift certificate to download, or an old-fashioned cd. Thank you, yes.

On the Blue Note this week, I’ll be sampling some of the cds released during 2011-2012 that I’ve particularly liked and recommend as gift possibilities. Tune in, Tuesday, December 4 from 3-5 pm, or listen later in the week.

Here are two favorites:

Jimmy Cliff, Rebirth (Universal Music)

Hans Theessink & Terry Evans, Delta Time (Blue Groove)

Tell me if you’ve come across any great blues, roots or related Americana music during the past year. Share here, please!

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