Learning to love winter

Sadie, Pierre and Billy, at the bottom of the sledding hill after this week’s snow storm. (Photo: Jessy Gray)

When Pierre Nzuah arrived at the Syracuse airport exactly two years ago, he was in the same clothes he’d been wearing when he left equatorial Cameroon 24 hours earlier. Luckily, someone from SUNY Canton met him at the airport and took him over to Sears to buy a parka and gloves. Pierre told me that most of that first semester he spent inside–only going out to walk from his dorm to classes.

By last winter, Pierre was adjusting–like other college students, he seemed to be wearing far too little warm clothing when it was cold outside.

He donned ice skates for the first time and loved it. He had no problem grasping the rules of snowball fights (i.e., there are none).

We took this photo a few days ago of Pierre with our grandkids. Need I say more?

Pierre, reading this post over my shoulder just said: “Actually, the weather doesn’t bother me at all any more. And, when I go back to Cameroon, I imagine the weather there will seem strange to me!”

Hmm, somehow I don’t think he’ll have any problem adjusting to 70 degrees F.

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  1. C. J. Aldrich says:

    What a warm and wonderful smile Pierre has! He’d warm up anyone’s day.

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