First lambs: January 1, 2013

Photo: Pierre Nzuah

Couldn’t resist sharing with you a photo of our farm’s first lamb of 2013, born in the wee hours, and followed by two others. This one is a ewe. All of the mommas and lambs have been moved to the “bonding pen” since we snapped this photo at 6:00 am. The lamb was already dried off, nursing, and even bouncing around a bit, so we figure she was born around 2 or 3 am.

A good omen for the new year.

Share your good omens and thoughts below. We all need a better year: for ourselves, for our community, for our globe.



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  1. on new year’s day, driving through the western adirondacks on the way home. two ravens, flying overhead, guiding us. paying attention to ravens is essential.

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