Another North Country’s Winter Light Show

The Northern Lights, “nordlys”,  above Ålesund, Norway. (photo: Stian Rekdal)

Tourists love visiting Scandinavia during the summer for its endless days, but  Nordic winters have their bright spots.  My Norwegian cousin recently sent me a Vimeo link to an amazing time-lapse video taken near Ålesund, along Norway’s west coast. My family’s original Moe farm is “just down the fjord”.

The video was produced by Stian Rekdal.

There are lots of other aurora borealis videos out on the web, but I love the combination of city lights, ice, snow and northern lights in this one.   Take a few minutes to forget about politics and world news.

It’s best viewed “fullscreen” and in a darkened room.   Enjoy.

I volunteer to lead NCPR’s trip to Norway in deepest winter!

LYS:Ålesund from Stian Rekdal on Vimeo.

8 Comments on “Another North Country’s Winter Light Show”

  1. Michael Greer says:

    The shooting stars are amazing. Fantastic camera work too.

  2. Donna Smith-Raymond says:

    I volunteer to be your assistant!! Beautiful!! Please let us in the North Country know whenever we can see them from here! Several years ago, thanks to NCPR, we drove out of the village, stopped on a side road away from the “city lights” and watch a breathtaking display!! I didn’t even notice the cold, just stood outside the car watching in awe the movement of the mystery!

  3. Lucy Martin says:

    The music really added to the beauty of this video. Breathtaking!
    Thanks for sharing this Todd.

    Time to start saving for that Norway in winter trip!

  4. Mark, Saranac Lake says:

    There should be a northern lights alert system!…and I’ll happily be the photographer-in-residence on the Norway trip! Coming from Saranac Lake I’m sure I could deal with a Norwegian winter…actually I did once – Lillehammer the year before their Winter Olympics – it was in early March with very similar weather to what we have in the Adirondacks – a beautiful country!

  5. Paul says:

    Very cool. I remeber seeing a similar display (sans the city lights) while x-country skiing across Ossetah lake near Saranac Lake one dark night. It was unforgettable.

  6. Paul says:

    The best red and yellow northern lights I saw were ones that actually woke me up one night (they were that bright) while camping on lower Saranac lake one summer night. It doesn’t have to be winter to see the northern lights.

  7. Hank says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Thank you very much for sharing this video, Todd.

  8. Hank says:

    I volunteer to follow your lead to Norway in deepest winter!!!

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