Garry Trudeau 33-button set on auction for Winter Carnival

Here’s a chance to own a rare record of Saranac Lake’s last 33 winter carnivals – a complete set of the coveted carnival buttons designed by Garry Trudeau. Trudeau, native son, best known for the long-running Doonesbury cartoon, has added a signed certificate on Doonesbury letterhead (dated Jan. 20, 2013): “With appreciation for your support of the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival.”

The carnival committee is offering the set on Ebay. Starting bid is $750, bids close Feb. 11. Chairman Jeff Dickson says the committee has only one other full set, which it’s keeping for its own archives. The set offered for sale is in mostly excellent shape, outside some stains on the rarest button of all…from 1983. (There’s a bonus button, too, from 1980, not a Trudeau design.)

But he does drop a hint in the press release announcing the auction: “Should we manage to assemble another set, we can guarantee that it will not be offered for sale for at least a year”

The annual button’s design is eagerly awaited, they’re highly sought after, and really so much fun. It’s very cool that Trudeau adds that shot of star power to the carnival every year. But then, Saranac Lake’s winter carnival has so many cool offerings…the lawn chair ladies, frying pan tossing, and of course, the ice palace.

Here’s a bigger shot of this year’s button.

As I write, I’m trying to remember where MY few carnival buttons are. Maybe I could contribute to a another set. For next year.

And, need I say, all proceeds go to the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Committee.

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