Lion or lamb?

It’s March 1…lion or lamb day. Why March 1? Well, here’s the Farmers’ Almanac take on it.

I stopped by the St. Lawrence University bookstore this morning, and shot a couple of campus pictures, trying to decide if today’s weather falls into the lion or lamb category. Daytime highs in the 20s-30sF today and through the weekend, with snow likely each day and overnight lows in the teens. Kind of ambiguous, eh?

What do you think?




Here’s what it looked like on the SLU campus this morning:

Along Park Street, Canton.

Is this just before Christmas or just before spring thaw? SLU chapel.

Just as I was heading back to my car, Aisha O’Connor, a sophomore at St. Lawrence, walked by smiling and unfazed by the March snow. We laughed about the lion and lamb question…no definitive answer.

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