An April trip to Asgaard farm

Last week,  I stopped by to see David and Rhonda Brunner at Asgaard Farm, where they operate a  goat dairy and small cheesemaking plant  just outside of Ausable Forks. Some of you may remember Asgaard as the site of NCPR’s 40th anniversary outdoor music bash in August 2008.

You’ve heard our on air audio postcards. Consider this entry a blog postcard. It was a beautiful spring day, and lots of other people stopped by to shop at the farm store for cheese, meat, eggs and soap, including a few groups of school kids on spring vacation. (In this region, farms are often the local version of zoos.)



David returning a kid to one of the many “baby” pens.


French Alpine is the primary breed at Asgaard.

Don’t let the numbered ear tags fool you: every kid is named. This year, the theme is “spices and herbs” so there’s a Cinnamon and a Thyme and a Rosemary…David told me that last year the theme was “Southern Belles” so I’m sure there was a Scarlet in that generation.


A rare quiet moment for a David.

The black doe soaking up the sun is a “matriarch”–one of the first in the Asgaard flock.

A view across the pasture where David and Rhonda raise Red Devon beef cattle.

On the drive home, just outside of Lake Placid, ice and snow starting to break up.

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  1. Lucy Martin says:

    Fun! Goats are so ‘personable’.
    Thanks Ellen.

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