Hold the Picasso, we’ll take $50

Here we are working on raising $245,000 for NCPR and the first article I see in my email this morning is about NYC’s Metropolitan Art Museum receiving a $1billion (yes, that’s billion) gift of early 20th century artwork from the estate of Leonard A. Lauder.

Hooray for the Met! These treasures of Western culture will now be accessible to the public. I’m hoping to see this new collection some day. Hard to imagine. $1 billion.

This week,  my goals are much more modest. In the range of $50. Okay, $240 would be nice, too. As long as the money comes from you.

We can do our work today and tomorrow and throughout the coming months on a lot less than $1 billion. But we can’t do it without some money. The immediate goal: reaching $245,000.

Hold onto your Picasso, all we need is your $50.

Thank you.

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