Listening Post: Pump up the volume

Not quite how I pictured the weasel/kangaroo thing working out. Art: Andree Prigent, Nouvelle Images

Sometimes Thursday comes along during fundraiser week and I have that gratefully complacent feeling–we’re on track to our goal and everything is going smoothly. And then there are times when I look at the countdown timer on the front page and see “Just 1 day, 21 hours and 23 minutes left, with $66,985 to go!” Eek!

That’s right–this is the Eek! hour. Somebody pump up the volume. Somebody throw me a lifeline. Somebody cut me a deuce! I start to come up with schemes to raise the energy level. What if we throw a weasel and a kangaroo in with the pitch crew and shut the door? What if we blat into the microphone with a vuvuzela every time we get a pledge? What if we have a giveaway drawing for a Tesla Roadster?

This is why they don’t have me running the fundraiser. I’m a little excitable. I’m a worrier. This is a tough time for fundraising, just like it’s a tough time everywhere in the North Country. Families have to watch the budget and we do, too. That being said, things cost what they cost, and our budget is pretty spare in the best of times.

Despite my nervous disposition, we’ll find a way to get by with whatever level of support the community can provide. We live a shared experience with our listeners, and our fortunes rise and fall with yours. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Many of you have already given, and I’m sorry to keep banging the gong in your ear when you’ve already done your part. But if you’ve been holding back to see if we really do need your help this year, we do. Simple as that.

Make the call to 1-800-677-3606 (which is now staffed 24 hours), or do the deed online.

Thanks. I needed that.


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