Garden tracking, week 2

From Cassandra Corcoran, in Vermont.

Beets and carrots still under row cover. From Cassandra Corcoran, Monkton,Vermont.

Cassandra Corcoran in Monkton, Vermont, sent me some great shots of her garden, shared here. But I have to tell you that my favorite is the nest in the tree.


Remember to keep your garden photos coming through the summer and into fall. We’re tracking weekly garden progress across the region. Just email me,, and I’ll include your photos in our Tuesday posts here.



Here are some more from Cassandra.

Cassandra Corcoran, Vermont.

From a bit earlier, with beets, carrots and salad greens still under row cover. Cassandra Corcoran, Monkton, Vermont.

Cassandra Corcoran, Vermont.

Cassandra Corcoran, Monkton,Vermont.

And two more I really love.

Cassandra Corcoran, Vermont.

Blueberry blossoms. Cassandra Corcoran, Monkton, Vermont.


Cassandra Corcoran, Vermont

Cassandra Corcoran, Monkton,Vermont

Birders: if you know what kind of bird built this nest, let us know.

Remember, send your garden, yard or patio tomato plant photos to me:

And, take heart: there’s sun in the forecast this week.


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