NPR CEO Gary Knell talks with listeners about the future of public radio

UPDATE (Wed., July 24, 2013, 5:00 PM) – Here’s audio of the conversation Gary Knell had with Ellen Rocco and Martha Foley today:

Gary KnellGary Knell.

If this name isn’t familiar to you, it’s because you don’t hear it on air or see it on line very often. Gary is the CEO of NPR, and has led our network for about 18 months.

Gary visited the Adirondack North Country, with stops in Saranac Lake, Lake Placid, Canton and Clayton, between July 22-25.

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2 Comments on “NPR CEO Gary Knell talks with listeners about the future of public radio”

  1. michael owen says:

    Hey Gary, I owe you an apology for ripping on you during the call in. I couldn’t change gears by the time I made the call and Martha got me in a bad mood with her blinking amazement that some clown in the grocery store thought that she must be putting out some “special” favor to get your interest. I suppose I’m reminded of Ali Farka Toure, who hails from Timbuktu, saying something like ” some people say that Timbuktu is at the very end of the earth, but to me, it is the very center. I’m a local, and as such a lot of things come over National Rocco Radio that get me a little upset.

    That said, I thought your answer was the perfect one ” I grew up in a house without a lot of money, public school, public university, public all the way, and you don’t forget where you come from”.

    I really wanted to talk about the lack of democracy in NPR. I believe it’s a systemic problem. I thought you wanted to go there with your comment about opinions that are outside of electoral politics or, at least at the fringe.

    I think this all inclusiveness is absolutely necessary for people to survive into any kind of future that would even remotely resemble an acceptable one.

    I’m more than willing to give you my thoughts on organizational structure and possible ways to address what I see as problems at a lazy sort of pace. Just let me know, again sorry for the hoof in mouth right out of the blocks. Mike

  2. Rancid Crabtree says:

    I’d love to see more democracy in NPR. The conservative view is routinely dissed, scoffed at, belittled and ignored as though only a blithering moron could possibly not want to spend, spend, spend.

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