Late July Garden Check-In


Carrie Kirk’s not-so-portable bucket garden on Hoel Pond. Photo: Carrie Kirk

Hi folks, Conant here. Ellen’s super busy showing NPR CEO Gary Knell around, so I’m posting on her behalf. I won’t pretend to know anything about gardening, and I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Here’s a few photos from local gardeners whose garden have flourished with the recent weather’s turn towards the hot and humid. At last check in we had too much moisture and super-saturated soils threatening pots and beds around the North Country. Now, however, plants are welcoming the sunshine and warm weather.

Last time we checked in with Carrie Kirk on Hoel Pond, she had her portable bucket garden tented with tarps to ward off the torrential down pours. This week she sends a photo of her not-so-portable bucket garden with healthy pole beans.

She tells me the rest of her garden is now on her porch. Hopefully she sends pictures of that along too!

Helene Vanderburgh sent in this photo of her Heirloom Portamarin Squash growing up a teepee trellis in her garden on Schroon Lake. Looks like one happy squash!


Heirloom Portamarin Squash from Helene Vanderburgh of Schroon Lake. Photo: Helene Vanderburgh


In response to Ellen’s earlier post that asked gardeners to share their tactics for warding off unwelcome critters, Jim Rudd sent in this picture of the deer-deterring mesh he’s draped over parts of his garden.


Defense against the deer. Photo: Jim Rudd

Defense against the deer. Photo: Jim Rudd

His garden is exploding with greens and veggies. Here’s a picture of the massive kohlrabi that’s done real well with the warm weather.


Cabbage and kohlrabi from the Rudd family plot in Potsdam. Photo: Jim Rudd

Adrien Vlach sent this photo of his garlic and basil on his plot at the Common Ground Community Gardens in Saranac Lake. He’s dug a trench between his rows to prevent flooding, but says it’s still tough to keep up with all this wet weather.


Garlic, basil, and canals from Saranac Lake Photo: Adrien Vlach

Ellen and I are looking forward to more submissions in the weeks to come. Show us your veggies and flowers by sending photos to: We’ll be keeping track of weekly garden progress from around the region. Make sure to include your name and location, and feel free to share any tips or tales of garden hoes and woes.



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