What’s your favorite month?

Fall Adirondacks. Photo: James Albright, via Creative Commons, some restrictions.

Fall Adirondacks. Photo: James Albright, via Creative Commons, some restrictions.

Our friend Hank Hofmann sent us a list of his favorite months, in declining order. Radio Bob saw it and offered his alternate view of good vs. less good months. Below, the two lists. What does yours look like? Share as a comment.

Ranking of Hank’s favourite months of the year (best to worst):

1 September (heaven!)

2 October (beautiful colours, crisp days)

3 February (short, usually very sunny days, best for winter outdoor stuff)

4 May (rebirth)

5 June (ditto to May)

6 April (anticipation!; snow and ice finally gone, usually)

7 November (great for cocooning)

8 August (too many vacationers)

9 July (too hot, too many vacationers)

10 December (month-long holiday crap)

11 January (too cold!)

12 March (ugh and ugly!)

Photo: Danilla, via Creative Commons, some rights reserved.

Photo: Danilla, via Creative Commons, some rights reserved.

Radio Bob’s Favorite…and less favorite months

#1.  July:  Finally it’s summer… the hot  days will go on forever!

2.  June:  Nearly as good as July… its getting hotter every day.

3.  May:  Amazing Spring, everything turns green, life abounds, oh joy!

4.  August:  Still warm, but it’s becoming bittersweet already, the threat of winter is lurking in the wings.

5.  September:   Warm, but the writing is definitely on the wall.

6.  October: Sure.. the leaves are pretty and the air crisp, apples are fresh.

7. November: Time to put on the snow tires… I do like Thanksgiving, late harvest, etc.

8. December: Ready for the novelty of snow, holidays are very fun and festive.

9. January: Now we’re talking some actual winter… but we’ll survive, probably.

10. February: Mid-winter break for my birthday… days are getting longer, too.

11.  March: Very tired of winter!  Other places have outdoor music festivals, but we’re locked in.

12. April: Mud, lingering snowstorms, sleet, hard driving rain… Washington DC has cherry blossoms… but NOT us!



2 Comments on “What’s your favorite month?”

  1. Lucy Martin says:

    Funny lists!

    I think November is the worst – hereabouts anyway. Gardening is over and won’t be back for months. The pretty leaves have all fallen, making for a bleak landscape. It’s cold. It’s dark. You can’t really play outside. The world turns gloomy and depressing.

    Shoot, on this side of the border we don’t even get a happy family holiday to perk life up – Canadian Thanksgiving comes in early October. I’m sorry. Celebrating TG _before_ Halloween just seems…unnatural!

    As soon as snow arrives some gloom abates. Snowscapes are lovely and winter sport time arrives. Wood fires help cheer things up too.

    March would be a total write off as well, if not for warm spring skiing, early spring bulbs and watching the garden wake up,

    February and May-early October here totally rock. Except for the #^@%#@&! biting bugs. (Do not get me started about the bugs!)

  2. I love fall, hate heat and can’t stand the muckiness of the snow melt so…

    1) October
    2) September
    3) November
    4) April
    5) May
    6) June
    7) December
    8) January
    9) February
    10) July
    11) August
    12) March

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