Nice to meet you

Hello, North Country blogosphere. 

I’m Zach. This is my first post here, and it’s only my third week on the job. So I thought this might be a good time to introduce myself.

I was just hired as a reporter-in-training. I grew up in a Long Island suburb, but I never really fit in there. I got out as fast as I could. I got my B.A. in cultural anthropology at UVM, where I also did a storytelling/interview program on the college station.

UVM is not necessarily a party school, despite its reputation. I don’t know, does it still have that reputation? I think so. It wasn’t a party school for me, though, because I’m a bit of a nerd/geek/dork (I haven’t figured out which). Anyway, Brooke Gladstone, one of my heroes, also went to UVM.

This past spring I trained with the amazing people over at Atlantic Public Media/ When my training program ended, I approached NCPR, which I always admired while I was in Burlington, “and the rest is history,” as Radio Bob likes to say. Anything else? I don’t know. I play the drums (I’m currently, passively looking for a kit and a band), I enjoy the cold weather, I still listen to cassette tapes, and I make fun of myself a good deal.

Speaking of Radio Bob, I joined the legend himself yesterday on a hike up Blue Mountain. We were on a mission to hook up the Blue Mountain transmitter with some backup batteries, for when it loses power.



Our mission had other objectives – I’m sure Bob would be happy to tell you about those. My main purpose was to carry the gear and provide moral support, and that was just fine by me. What a great way to explore the area! Really!



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  1. Ellen Rocco says:

    Zach–I took that walk with Bob some years ago. What always amazes me about Bob is his constant–yeah, persistent–good attitude. Even schlepping pounds of electronica up a steep mountain. By the way, Zach, having taken this hike to a transmitter site with Radio Bob, you are now officially a member of the staff. Welcome aboard.

    Oh–p.s.–I have drum kit at my place. 🙂

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