#YSLTF: Curating radio gems on Twitter

A handy guide for old-school media makers. This is posted in our news room here at NCPR.

This handy guide is posted in the NCPR newsroom.

Calling all sonic addicts and adorers of a good story: Get on Twitter and punch in “#YSLTF.”

Today, radio producers from across the country launched a new experiment in the intersection of radio and social media. It’s called “You Should Listen To _” Fridays. When you enter the hashtag, you’ll find a giant list of people’s favorite podcasts and audio storytelling. You’ll be able to handpick your own favorites out of those favorites, creating a golden list of personalized radio listening.

Daniel Tucker of WNYC, one of #YSLTF’s organizers, explained in an email:

The idea is to learn about some great programs you may not be aware of (and build a really great playlist for the weekend).

It all began last week, when producer Sam Greenspan mentioned the hashtag on the podcast 99% Invisible.

So there you have it. Another example of how the digital age is enhancing radio, not killing it.

Feel free to post your own favorites in the comments.

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