Sochi: Fast ice, Peter Frenette, 1 min. 9 sec. opening ceremony

Men's ski jumper Peter Frenette of Saranac Lake practicing at Sochi. Photo: © Nancie Battaglia

Men’s ski jumper Peter Frenette. Photo: © Nancie Battaglia

On The Takeaway this week with John Hockenberry, physicicst Eric Goff is on hand to talk about the physics of Olympic athletes and events. Here, Goff looks at the physics behind “fast ice” and the sport of curling with Brady Clark, reigning national curling champion.

From Soundcloud yesterday, Clayton Collier talked with US Men’s Ski Jumper Peter Frenette from Saranac Lake about his Olympic career. At age 21, The 22nd Winter Olympic Games at Sochi is his second time up for Team USA:

Miss the four-hour-plus-long opening ceremonies at Sochi? Here’s the highlights in about a minute.



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