“Older ladies” and feeling good at any age

Still from video "Older Ladies"

Still from video “Older Ladies

I happen to be on the high side of middle-age. So, naturally, a friend sent me Donnalou Stevens’ “Older Ladies.”

I loved its quirky, upbeat joie de vivre, and I hope you’ll like it too.

Apparently this is one of those “going viral” videos, so my apologies if you’ve seen it already. (Free MP3 download and lyrics are at her website.)

I can quibble with it a little. Gray hair and wrinkles look fine to me. But too much flab can be a health issue. So – without hating your body – I’d advocate putting at least a little effort into staying moderately fit too. And men (the poor dears) may be genetically hard-wired to appreciate younger, fertile forms, though they can probably chose to act on that or not. (More fodder for the “biology is destiny” debate!)

Curious about how that particular video was made, I found this interview with Stevens on something called “Boomerology Revealed TV: Live your life, not your age”.

In the Skype interview Stevens talks about things like catching up with new technology. She also opens up about learning the difference between pain and suffering, and how to not suffer even when she’s in pain.

That’s an important lesson to master at any age, even more so as joints ache and organs begin to fail. She is reportedly working on other songs, including one for older men.

So find your bliss, folks. And stay divine.

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2 Comments on ““Older ladies” and feeling good at any age”

  1. dbw says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Lucy! As a geezer, this spoke to me, tool especially “live your life, not your age.” Aging is such a balancing act, neither trying to act younger than I am nor talking myself into being older than I am.

  2. Geminisinger says:

    LOL! LOVED IT! Made my day!

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