I get it. You don’t have to beat me over the head

Let’s see. I’ve gotten the letter in the post. And I get a message every couple of days in my email. And I can’t listen to the radio for more than half an hour without hearing about it. And if I go to the website a big orange bar slides out to tell me about. And there are messages in my Facebook feed, and even tweets, for God’s sake. #whatsahashtag? Everybody knows it’s time to do the thing.

And people are doing the thing–giving to NCPR’s Fall Fundraiser–because you do get it.  You give, public radio lives on. You don’t give, maybe somebody else takes over the frequency and plays classic psychedelic rock 24/7. That’s right–15-minute drum solos with your morning coffee. Nobody wants that. Well–my friend Frodo Half Moon might–but then he doesn’t get out much anymore.


Or we could try negative reinforcement….

Say you’re not an it-getter, or maybe you’re a lollygagger, what’s in it for you? How about half a grand? We’re drawing at noon today for a $500 Visa Gift Card. If you’re not in, you can’t win. That would buy a lot of brown rice and day-glo paint Frodo my friend.

We are now way past halfway to our goal of $325,000, thanks to all of you who respond to gentler forms of incentive. And we still have nine days left to reach our goal before we have to release the flying mon… I mean start interrupting programs to ask for your support. We can do this. Wouldn’t it be great to put the full-bore, in-your-face, long-form, beat you over the head with the toll-free number kind of fundraiser into the history books, along with mood rings, pet rocks, eight-track tapes and streaking? Ah, the crazy stuff we used to do.

Now we just do the thing.

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