New this Fall: Limited Edition Everything

Every few weeks my father sends out a “family thread” email to my siblings and those unlucky enough to be wed into the Cornett family. Topics generally relate to current events in the world or things family related: someone has a birthday and it’s time to tell embarrassing stories about them or, in this case, the actual time of year. As you could imagine, these email threads can get ugly…

This weeks topic sparked tame conversation, but everyone was surprisingly quite passionate about it. The question was “What is your favorite part about Autumn?”

Best thing about fall? Perhaps not.

Best thing about Autumn? Perhaps not.

My family was quick to jump all over this idea. If you’re lost, here are some generic Fall pastimes:

  • Apple picking
  • Fall foliage
  • Sweater weather
  • All items pumpkin spice
  • And finally, an excuse to wear socks with your Birkenstocks

It seems to be the season for limited edition everything- we’re talking pumpkin spice lattes, “spookylicious” Pop Tarts, an array of limited edition Fall flavors from Keurig, etc. I even found this limited edition Febreze scent on eBay. If you fancy something, I almost guarantee you can find it in Apple, Pumpkin Spice, or Fall Breeze for the next month.

It all seems a bit excessive, but limited edition everything always catches the eye. If limited editions weren’t so limited, we would all cringe at the thought of another pumpkin spiced latte by Easter. Speaking of Easter, remember how boring Cadbury Mini Eggs became once they were available year round? They still manage to be a personal favorite.

Something I have to admit is I too love fall. For me, as I finish up my senior year at SUNY Oswego, it’s the final weeks before the bitter cold and apocalyptic snow commence. It’s also the time of year for the releases of new television series or new episodes of the previous year favorites.

What is your guilty Fall pleasure? I think we all can chime in on this one.

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