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Mmm..chili! (Not from any restaurant in particular...just good winter fare.) Image by jefferyw, Creative Commons.

Mmm..chili! (Not from any restaurant in particular…just good winter fare.) Image by jefferyw, Creative Commons.

The Ottawa Citizen just ran an item on “best bites of 2014.” In it, Peter Hum mourned restaurants that folded and offered his take on others worth trying:

But fortunes of the restaurant community aside, there were eateries, both cheap and cheerful or swish and splurgy, that delivered memorable and even delicious dishes. Below are 10 of my highlights, plus just as many honourable mentions, in roughly the order that I’d want to eat them if I were having that proverbial over-the-top last supper.

If you want still more, here’s something from the HuffPost Canada from last March about 20 recommended Ottawa restaurants (with a slide show).

This all made me think back to a Dale Hobson Listening Post from 2012 about “fine dinering”. Complete with a map of where to find various establishments. Not necessarily the exotic or trendy. Just good eats.

Reader Barb had this to say about Plattsburgh Homestead:

Everything’s homemade, I’m pretty sure they do fried chicken and the homemade pies alone are worth the hour drive for me. If you go on Saturday, you may be treated to an impromptu performance by the local barbershop quartet that has breakfast there.

Is it time to update that conversation? Which restaurants survived another year that you’ll gladly eat at again and again? Which ones folded that you will miss?

Restaurant babble aside, here comes a standard disclaimer: at least some of the best food you should be coming out of your own kitchen, the healthiest and most economical way to eat by far.

After a very filling December, I fear it’s time for a wee diet in my life. The deprivation that lies ahead must be why thinking about food is so very alluring!

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