We want to do better. Do you want us to?


The most exciting thing to happen in my work life in many years was our transformative fundraiser last fall. I went from doubt to hope to belief over the course of a few days as NCPR listeners convinced me that they wanted change. Change to a less intrusive way of keeping the lights on and the mics open at NCPR, a way that trusted listeners to respond without the cannons and the elephant parade and the synchronized dancing, without distorting the schedule of programs they rely on us to provide. And they put their money behind it in a big way. Especially in the last couple days, when the matter was still very much up in the air, a staggering amount of generosity brought us to within inches of goal by Monday morning. Be still my heart.

Well–here we are again. Two days left and $54,000 to go. It makes a man nervous. To put that amount in perspective, we have been averaging about $6,000 a day over the last couple weeks, so this is a big reach.

So I have to say it again. NCPR wants to do better; we want to do more great radio and less hyperactive fundraising. We believe you want that, too. Those who have already given in this drive have said so with their contributions and in their comments. Nobody seems to want to go back, especially not us.

But there is only one way to make that happen.

We need you to make your contribution to NCPR right now.

So no more waiting to see what happens. Please don’t make us come into the studio Monday morning to talk for six minutes about the glory of the new logo mug. It’s a great mug, I admit, but it’s not great radio. And great radio is what you pay us to make.


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