Getting started on bringing the new

There’s so much coming and going during the North Country’s short but sweet summer. The calendar is chock full of travel and events. Construction zones are everywhere. It’s hard to keep track of who is in and who is on the road on any given day. Plus it’s time for all those renovation projects, and gardens are growing so fast the sound can keep you up at night. Busy, busy, busy.

Brit Hanson, NCPR's brand new digital producer

Brit Hanson, NCPR’s brand new digital producer

NCPR is no exception. Last week the physical parts of were scattered all over the station. Three intern desks went away, and were replaced on Friday by a sleek new wraparound counter. I moved myself over to the window and one-third of my stuff into the dumpster, one-third into boxes, and one-third into a tidier mess, in order to accommodate a new arrival on the team, our new digital producer, Brit Hanson.

Brit arrived last week after four days on the road from Des Moines, Iowa, and started work on Monday. She dived right in, helping produce on her very first day on the job an interactive timeline of the 22-day manhunt for prison escapees Matt and Sweat. And yesterday she built a great audio slideshow—a “sneak peek” of the fantastic new treetop Wild Walk at the Wild Center in Tupper Lake that opens to the public today. Brit is going to build so many shiny new things for NCPR that it feels like Christmas in July.

The audio portion of the slideshow was put together by another NCPR newcomer, intern Julia Ferguson. She is working with Brian Mann out of our Adironack bureau in Saranac Lake.

Also new, as of Friday, is a whole new website at, the brainchild of our studio guru and music host of The Bridge, Joel Hurd. NCPR Music is a destination built for the music-lover. It is topped by a live 24/7 stream of recordings and performances by the musicians and musical groups of the region. (You may have already discovered this via the NCPR mobile app.) The site includes featured music videos, concerts, reviews and interviews, music recommendations, and anything that might be of interest to the music-lover living in or visiting the North Country.

We’re just getting started on bringing the new. It’s going to be a great summer.


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  1. Mitch Edelstein says:

    Welcome Brit & Julia to the Adirondacks. Come visit us inside the Blue Line, Summer is the time to hike a trail , canoe, fish, swim…

  2. Terry Tiernan says:

    Kudos to Joel for the new website’s great format.

  3. mrwakiki says:

    These are some of the best stories… since most listeners would not guess what is going on behind the scenes at ncpr….


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