NCPR listeners know home is where the hearth is!

Here’s something we imagine every fall at NCPR:

What if we said, “please give now,” just once, and everyone said, “okay,” and gave!

Last year, we took the plunge. We made a deal with you to try to raise as much of the money we need in fall and spring with as few program interruptions as possible. Like any good deal, it works to everyone’s advantage.

Now, because you shook hands on that deal, we’re leading the public radio system to a new world of asking for support without interrupting programs.

I have a theory about all of this. I think it’s working because we all think of NCPR as part of our home. We care about our homes. If we don’t take care of home turf, who will?

Right now, we’re hoping you’ll say “okay” again and keep the deal going…most importantly, because
we all warm our hands at the NCPR hearth!

It’s Time to Give!

Thank you!

applewatch_90P.S. Don’t forget, everyone who donates is automatically entered into our fall prize drawings. Our first drawing, for an Apple Watch, is when we reach $130,000. You don’t have to donate to win, but we hope you’ll be a part of our success!


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